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Dear friends, we can get quite crowded on Fridays and Saturdays and we have a limited amount of tables available. We also remove bar stools after midnight (at the weekends). If you have decided that you definitely need a table, we recommend that you book it in advance using the following phone number: +7 (985) 233 76 97.

As for the deposit, you can choose from the following options:
1. You can pick a table by calling us at +7 (985) 233 76 97 or send e-mail, then pay part of the deposit on our website and tell us the number of your receipt.
2. This deposit amount is not valid from December 10 to January 10th!
Be careful!)
3. You can visit our bar in advance, pick a table and pay the deposit in person. Thank you for choosing our bar.

Price 2000 RUB

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  • Полное наименованиеООО «Рок-н-ролл»
  • Телефон(985) 233 76 97
  • Юр./фактический адрес107045, г. Москва, ул. Сретенка ДОМ 1, ЭТ 1 ПОМ VIII КОМ 1
  • ИНН/КПП9702002291/770201001
  • Расчетный счет40702810901000000387
  • Кор. счет30101810145250000411
  • БанкФилиал ЦЕНТРАЛЬНЫЙ Банка ВТБ (ПАО) г. Москва
  • БИК044525411
  • ОГРН1197746438812
  • ОКПО40576000
  • ОКАТО45286570
  • Генеральный директорЗахарова Н. Ю.



We have cocktails to reflect every shade of your mood. What do you feel like today?
Are you an explosive B-52 for 350 rub? Or are you suave and smooth like a whiskey or maybe a “White Russian” for 470 rub? Or perhaps you’re feeling bold like a dry red wine?
We have 17 types of bottled beer and 4 types of draught.


You will find 60 European dishes on our menu.
Large pizzas, juicy burgers, sausages and BBQ-style grilled meat.
You will be full with 400 rub and if you really want a bit of an extravaganza, you can get it for 1000 rub. Cocktail and beer snacks from 160 rub. All items on our menu are 30% off if you order before 17:00.


Mornings are for breakfasts, afternoons are for set lunches. Nights, however, are for our wild and crazy bar, where you can really unwind and have a fun time. Our bar DJs play rock compositions: Britpop, rockabilly, hard rock, punk rock and pop rock.
Every Wednesday and Friday we have bands perform live music.