We have cocktails to reflect every shade of your mood. What do you feel like today?
Are you an explosive B-52 for 350 rub? Or are you suave and smooth like a whiskey or maybe a “White Russian” for 470 rub? Or perhaps you’re feeling bold like a dry red wine?
We have 17 types of bottled beer and 4 types of draught.


You will find 60 European dishes on our menu.
Large pizzas, juicy burgers, sausages and BBQ-style grilled meat.
You will be full with 400 rub and if you really want a bit of an extravaganza, you can get it for 1000 rub. Cocktail and beer snacks from 160 rub. All items on our menu are 30% off if you order before 17:00.


Mornings are for breakfasts, afternoons are for set lunches. Nights, however, are for our wild and crazy bar, where you can really unwind and have a fun time. Our bar DJs play rock compositions: Britpop, rockabilly, hard rock, punk rock and pop rock.
Every Wednesday and Friday we have bands perform live music.

Sometimes you just need to eat. This, of course, does not solve anything, but you must eat!

For breakfast:

Do you know why it’s a good idea to have breakfast at Rock'n'Roll bar?

Get that much-needed extra
half an hour of sleep instead
of cooking at home.

Indulge in a little round
of gossip with the colleagues
and head off to work together.

Save some. Our breakfasts start at 150 rub.
Come on, even buckwheat is more
expensive than that.

We will be waiting for you from 5 a.m. till 11 a.m.


If by the time the sand runs out in the clock - there is no order on your table, your breakfast is at our expense

For lunch:

We offer set lunches from 11 a.m. till 17 p.m.
You can even squeeze in a couple of those bad boys in a day.


salad+ soup+ drink

250 rub.


soup+ main+ drink

270 rub.


salad+ main+ drink

290 rub.


salad+ soup+ main+ drink

330 rub.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

salad+ soup+ main+ whiskey cola

400 rub.

Our assortment of dishes changes weekly.




"Rock-n-Roll" house pizza

Фирменная "Рок-н-ролл"

560 rub.



450 rub.

Pizza Caesar

Пицца Цезарь

530 rub.

Pizza with pastrami

Пицца с пастрами

530 rub.

Cocktail & beer appetizers/
Закуски к коктейлям и пиву

Homemade cheese sticks made from two differen kinds of cheese with a spicy sauce

Сырные палочки ручной лепки из двух видов сыра с пикантным соусом

370 rub.

Garlic croutons made from Borodinsky bread with pesto, parmesan and a blue cheese sauce

Чесночные гренки из бородинского хлеба с песто, пармезаном и соусом

250 rub.