We offer rewards to
large parties*:

10 persons

discount 10%

15 persons

discount 10%

+ 15 aperitifs

25 persons

discount 10%

+ 25 aperitifs

Our rewards program Terms & Conditions:

  • • this discount is not valid with set lunches, breakfasts or in conjunction with other offers, promotions and discounted dishes;
  • • you can check the names of the cocktails with the bar manager;
  • • you earn rewards for orders over 2000 RUB per person, excluding discounts.

All birthday boys and girls receive a 10% discount*

Offer valid for 7 days prior and after your birthday, just don’t forget your ID.
* This discount is not valid with set lunches, breakfasts or in conjunction with other offers, promotions and discounted dishes.

Bachelorette Party Girls’ Night Out

“Shall we party all night long, enjoy loads of dancing and delicious alcoholic cocktails?”
-Are you talking about your party?
-Are you sure?
-How about having tea and crumpets while listening to JBiebs instead?...
Forget about all of those “good girl” rules! Come to Rock ‘n’ Roll bar & café, have the hen party of a lifetime and yours will be a party to remember.

Bachelor party at the bar

Legend has it that there once was a stag party that started out on a Wednesday and smoothly transitioned into the wedding party on Saturday. Party the crap out of your last night as a single lad. Party like there’s no tomorrow. There are no rules and no limits, because we are going to transcend them all and rock all night long.
Celebrate your bachelor party at Rock ‘n’ Roll bar & café.
Dearly betrothed, are you looking for warmth and coziness? Well, in that case keep looking.

At Rock ‘n’ Roll bar & café
it’s always rockin’, all the way!


Dancing on the bar is mandatory. A bonus from our bar: drink specials + your first wedding gift from RnR bar


We have cocktails to reflect every shade of your mood. What do you feel like today?
Are you an explosive B-52 for 350 rub? Or are you suave and smooth like a whiskey or maybe a “White Russian” for 470 rub? Or perhaps you’re feeling bold like a dry red wine?
We have 17 types of bottled beer and 4 types of draught.


You will find 60 European dishes on our menu.
Large pizzas, juicy burgers, sausages and BBQ-style grilled meat.
You will be full with 400 rub and if you really want a bit of an extravaganza, you can get it for 1000 rub. Cocktail and beer snacks from 160 rub. All items on our menu are 30% off if you order before 17:00.


Mornings are for breakfasts, afternoons are for set lunches. Nights, however, are for our wild and crazy bar, where you can really unwind and have a fun time. Our bar DJs play rock compositions: Britpop, rockabilly, hard rock, punk rock and pop rock.
Every Wednesday and Friday we have bands perform live music.